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, toyota agrees to pay a fine of more than $16 million, stemming from the defect in its vehicles. it was pleased because the government says toyota delayed on telling them about sticking gas pedals. the a maker agreed to pay a but denies the allegation that it violated the law. a transportation official says toyota wanted to avoid contesting it in court. the government claims toyota knew about the problems last september but failed to issue a recall until january. 8 million toyota vehicles worldwide are affected by the recall. many people are still looking for jobs these days, but once a land that interview, how can you make yourself standout? tracy get some expert advice. >> you can blow an interview, absolutely. >> you are lucky to get in the door, but you are one of many. you cannot lose sight of that. >> two interviewed experts agree to tell us the dos and don'ts. they say some things are obvious the people must them all the time. harrah's is president of first financial burdens as cannot overstate your experience >> they do reference checking or people who may know the perso
company. >>> another big story we're following tonight. toyota's internal troubles revealed. an e-mail exposes concerns about the automaker's souring public image. a top official writing about the defective gas pedals tells another official the time to hide this one is over. >> reporter: the e-mail was obtained by the associated press tucked in with thousands of documents toyota has turned over to government investigators. it was a month before toyota's president was hauled before congress, five days before the japanese car company announced a massive recall because of defective gas pedals. on january 16 of this year, toyota's top public relations official in the u.s. wrote to a colleague, we need to come clean. seemingly concerned the company wasn't handling its troubling safety issues effectively, miller worried toyota's outstanding reputation for producing safe and reliable cars and trucks was in peril. we are not protecting our customers by keeping this quiet, miller writes. on monday the obama administration fined toyota a record $16 millio
a decade since they evaluated any vehicle this poorly. yet another black eye for toyota. >> that's right. >> it, of course, is the parent company. >> this is a rare and very direct warning for buyers and owners of the lexus gx 460. about 5,000 cars have been sold. consumer reports says do not buy this car. they found significant and severe rollover risk during turns. they do all of these controlled testings, four different drivers found the same problem. they got another vehicle, found the same problem on this one. they say it is not isolated. it is a problem with the electronic stability control system. it manages the brakes and the steering together. so if you're going up an off ramp and there is some sort of an obstacle, you turn quickly, there could be a real rollover risk for people with this car. if you have this car, they say be very careful on any on ramps or off ramps because they're very concerned about the stability of the vehicle in those circumstances. take it to your toyota dealer and demand a fix. if you don't own this car and thinking about it, consumer reports in a very
spokesperson robert gibbs called karzai's comment, quote genuinely troubling. >>> in the wake of toyota's unprecedented global recall over sticky gas pedals the u.s. government has made an unprecedented move of its own, seeking the maximum penalty of punishment for the automaker's failure to act swiftly when lives were at stake. on monday transportation secretary ray lahood proposed toyota pay a record fine of nearly $16.4 million, after it, quote, knowingly hid a dangerous defect. documents show toyota knew about the defect back in september of last year, but waited until late january to issue a recall. toyota still faces private lawsuits, which could cost the automaker untold millions more in damages. >>> and now, here's a look at some other stories making news "early today" in america. in vermont, authorities just released surveillance video of a police officer firing a pepper gun at a man in a holding cell. the 26-year-old man, who was handcuffed at the time, can also be seen laying on the ground as the officer puts a bag over his head. the officer resigned following an internal inv
you to the scene. >>> plus, questions we've been asking about toyota executives all along. what did they know about the safety problems? when did they know it? when were they warned? today we have a troubling new answer. >>> also, virginia's governor still says there should be a confederate history month. he's apologizing for leaving out any reference to slavery in his original proclamation. that is not soothing his critics. people on both sides are up in arms over thisser shoe. they're blogging about it like mad. we're going to step back. we're going to take a deep breath and have an honest discussion about the confederacy and what role it plays in american history. should there be a confederate history month? if you haven't chimed in, go to facebook and do it now on my facebook page. >>> as i said, let's go right back to vest wirnlg wirnlg and follow up on what is going on. brooke baldwin is in naoma, west virginia. they have had a serious setback in their attempts to reach those four miners that remain trapped. brooke, what's the update? >> reporter: the update is, best case scen
for vacation apartment once toyota to pay. -- the transportation department wants toyota to pay. the transportation secretary says he has evidence toyota knew of the problem in late september but did not issue a recall until late january. since then, toyota has recalled more than 6 million vehicles in the u.s.. toyota has yet to accept or to -- or refused the proposal. you've heard about the benefits of breast-feeding, but a new study shows it can save billions of dollars a year. >> and how weather can affect migraines. >> and fraught -- some lucky children enjoy the annual easter egg roll. >> coming if we don't know how many people there are, how do we know how many roads we need? the census helps us know exactly what we need, so everyone can get their fair share of funding. we can't move forward until you mail it back. 2010 census. >> proving itself to be a success with its 100,000 passenger. it travels the busy downtown corridor. it ridership has averaged more than 1200 passengers per day. >> in tonight's medical alert, breast feeding can save the lives of nearly 1000 babies
will below 70's and lingering chance of some showers. >>> the toyota sports desk is brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. >> more changes with the redskins. >> it happens every day. the redskins have completed a trade with the st. louis rams acquiring a defense of linemen. they swamped fifth and seventh round draft picks to get it done. the defense of line is a priority and hands worth -- albert haynesworth will be traded. donovan mcnabb has encouraged coaches to acquire terrell owens. they have apparently settle their differences. >> the redskins have some very talented receivers but every team could use a terrell owens terrell terrell owens would love to play in the nfc east again. hopefully the redskins still the same way. >> look at these numbers. he is coming off is worse season of urquhart -- of his career. the biggest difference between these two, moss is taller. what does this mean for the draft? st. louis will probably draft a different player. bruce allen will trade down to the 13th or 14th position and go after an offensive tackle. >> we are listenin
. >>> the latest this morning on the efforts to resume flights grounded by disruptive volcanoes. >>> plus toyota is taking action after "consumer reports" magazine advised drivers not to buy a new lexus suv. >>> and things looking up in the forecast. your weather and traffic are next. >>> good morning, time for weather and traffic on this tuesday morning, on tom kierein in storm center 4. we have temperatures around the metro area in the mid and upper 40s. but the shenandoah county getting some patchy frost possible. warren, shenandoah, page, rockingham and augusta counties, high clouds coming in from the west, ahead of the rain-maker that will be here tomorrow morning. for this morning, high clouds around, we'll have sunshine, low 60s by noon. and upper 60s during the afternoon hours. and cloudy tonight, down to near 50 by dawn tomorrow when we'll likely have light rain moving in from the west. occasional light rain tomorrow, highs low 60s. thursday, some sunshine back into the upper 60s. and upper 60s on friday and partly cloudy. a look at the weekend in ten minutes coming up at 4:51. >>> now
roll over. guess what? another toyota recall. i'm brian wilson, headquarter headquarte headquarter, live from the nation -- america's news headquarters, live from the nation's capital right now. across europe and around the world, air travel is grinding to a halt because of the icelandic volcano that continues to build smoke and ash thousands of feet in the air. the situation is even threatening to scuddle the president's plans to attend the funeral of polish president lech kaczynski. only 5,000 flights in the air over europe today. on a normal day, there would be almost five times that number. our own greg palkot is one of the thousands of stranded travelers. greg is stuck in dubai because his flight to europe was canceled like most of the other flights bound there. greg, what is the latest with travelers and flight schedules where with you are? >> hey, brian. we're stranded like tens of thousands of others around the world, thanks to the volcanic ash cloud across europe. we were traveling back from an assignment in yemen and hoping to transit today to london through this major ai
. chris? >> chris: shannon, thank you. more bad news for toyota. and the economic news of the day is mixed. details in three minutes. why do women like you love activia light? sometimes i have no choice but to eat on the run... and to eat whatever happens to be around. heavy greasy food that's hard on my diet... and my digestive system. so i eat activia light every day. activia light, with bifidus regularis is clinically proven to help regulate your digestive system. mmmm. the new taste is better than ever. and with only 70 calories activia light helps make it easier to watch my weight. it helps me feel good and look good too! ♪ activia! you've got to try it, >> chris: on the road to recovery, first time jobless claims are up. but so are retail sales? fox business correspondent jerry willis looks at the numbers. >> consumers are opening their wallet. the evidence showing today the economic numbers, sales at chain stores across the nation jumped 9% in march with some of the retail showing double digit gains, gains so big that it got wall street off-guard. it didn't hurt the spring weather
: shannon, thank you. more bad news for toyota. and the economic news of the day is mixed. details in three minutes. jobless numbers jumped to five-week high. >> it's all about labor. at the end of the day, if a consumer feels the job is secure and incomes are going up, they will continue to spend. >> that is not the only head wind consumers are facing. interest rate and gasoline prices are on the rise. the retail sales for march were abliss, as they say, only time will tell. in new york, gerri willis, fox news. >> chris: stocks were up today. the dow gained 29.5. the s&p 500 picked up four. nasdaq finished ahead 5 2/3. ♪ >> chris: in this era of burgeoning budget deficit, people in many states are bracing for tax increases on everything from soda to hairstyling. correspondent anita vogel is tracking your taxes from los angeles. >> reporter: cities and states across the nation are deep in the red and desperate to raise some cash. that means raising taxes. everything from candy and soda to blueberries is being targeted. in washington state, they really want to soak joe six pack for posing
. >> thank you for having me. >>> after a couple rough months, toyota is trying to get back on track. but new problems are popping up like pot holes almost daily. so many of you drive toyotas out there and you want to hear the latest and meet a company whistle blower. that's next. but don't worry. he'll find someone else. ♪ who's that lady? ♪ who's that lady? ♪ sexy lady ♪ who's that lady? [ female announcer ] used mops can grow bacteria. swiffer wetjet starts with a clean pad every time. and its antibacterial cleaner kills bacteria mops can spread around. swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning. ♪ lovely lady [ male announcer ] competition... it pushes us to work harder. to be better. to win. but sometimes even rivals realize they share a common goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. together with schools, we're helping kids make more balanced choices every day. ♪ so, doctor... so, doc, i've been... i've been thinking... no. you know how... no. so, doc, i've got this friend... [ male announcer ]
in the possession of former edwards aide andrew young. >>> the massive toyota recalls could lead to major changes in how your next car is made. our money expert jennifer westhoven is here. whether it's toyota or not? >> we are talking about what could be the most sweeping legislation aimed at making your car safe since the ford firestone tires fiasco about a decade ago. your next car may have brake override systems, black box ps all under this new motor vehicle safety act. they'll have hearings next week in washington. it means automakers could be hit with much bigger fines. we talked a lot about how the fines right now are barely even a slap on the wrist. currently just $16 million they're capped at. the government said, if there hadn't been a cap, it could have fined toyota $18 billion. now, of course, it probably wouldn't, right? that's crippling. they're trying to show you $16 million is nothing for a company like toyota. if the proposed new rules had been in place, toyota could have faced a fine four times higher. >> affecting all of us, whether you're driving toyota or not. >>> colombian si
for injuries. >>> toyota plans to pay up to the government for failing to report gas pedal problems on the vehicles. toyota expected to agree to a $16.4 million fine, the deadline to contest the record breaking fine is tomorrow. video has been incredible but the follow up from the volcanic eruption in iceland left hundreds of thousands of travelers standed. torrell brown reports. >> reporter: test flights took to the skies over europe as major airlines look for ways to get planes in the air. pilots did not report problems after flying below the cloud of ash. that combined with a favorable weather forecast, has aviation officials hopeful some flights may resume on monday. . >> tomorrow almost 50% of european space will be risk free. >> reporter: for now, tens of thousands of passengers remain stranded. some confuse aid bout whether it is safe to fly. >> it's a good question. >> reporter: many europeans are stranded in the u.s. as they wait for the skies to clear. they are not all stuck at the airport. some are coming to sea word. if some come to park with a valid airline ticket from
on the hood scoop... but i'm glad i went for it. the subaru legacy. feel the love. >>> the toyota sports desk is brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. >> the redskins continued to load their roster in an effort to get competition. of the quarterbacks have been to the super bowl. there are three running backs. the brick -- they acquired a first round defensive linemen today. he was the st. louis rams rookie in the peat but he sat out last year rehabing his shoulder. the bid rumor earlier today which circulate throughout the lake that donovan mcnabb was lobbying to bring in terrell owens. mcmaster says that never really happened in mike shanahan said the redskins are not interested. with all eyes focused on the draft, and the nfl schedule was released. four of the first six games are against playoff teams with five of the first nine on national television. the entire schedule is on the website here are the headlights -- here are the highlights. the premier against the dallas cowboys at fedex field. donovan mcnabb faces his old teammates on october 3. that
are betting most companies will post gains. we've already heard from toyota at new york's auto show on wednesday, a top toyota executive said incentives pushed sales 40% higher in march. >>> amazon is bracing for the ipad. the online retailer has struck new e-book pricing deals with two major publishers just days before apple's launch of the new tablet computer. that's expected to take business away from amazon's kindle. the agreements will allow both publishers to set their own prices. apple has already made similar deals. >>> the home buyer tax credit which expires at the end of april sparked a huge rush in mortgage applications last week and industry reports says home loan applications rose nearly 7%. that's the largest number of applications since october 2009. >>> and this is census day. the government hopes you'll return the forms sent out over the past month or so, but be sure to be careful, there are scam artists sending out phony forms to try to steal your personal information. the official paperwork will never ask for your social security number, bank account information,
opposition from labor unions and the government. >>> e-mails obtained by the associated press show toyota executives wrestled with how to deal with sticking accelerator pedals. in january, five days before announcing a massive recall, an american vice president wrote, quote, we are not protecting our culsomers by keeping this quiet and the time to hide on this one is over. toyota had no comment. >>> and apple's trying to make multitasking easier. at a news conference, the company is expected to unveil an updated operating system that will allow iphone and ipad users to switch between running programs. the difficulty in doing so has been a major complaint for customers. so getting that all taken care of. >> yeah, people were upset about that. all right. emily smith here in new york. thanks. >>> and just ahead on the "morning news," tiger woods' new commercial hits the airwaves. >>> plus, talk about a rough commute. a bus driver gets tangled up in a fight with passengers. >>> first, maggie rodriguez has a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." >> america the super power, but did you know
your money scope report with toyota set to pay a record fine. the japanese auto maker has reportedly agreed to pay $16.4 million for concealing information about a problem with sticking pedals on some of its vehicles. toyota will accept responsibility on the deal but admit no wrong doing. the transportation department said they knew about it in september but waited until january to issue the recall. >>> and goldmann sacks is facing fraud charges here in the united states and mounting pressures from overseas as well. they say they may ns gait. those countries bailed out banks that lost hundreds of millions of dollars investing with goaledman sacks. >> you werings reports are due out this week. most of them are scheduled to show another quarter of red ink. travelers can look forward to more add-on fees, slightly higher fares and cuts to unprofitable routes especially if some airlines merge. five airlines have promised not to charge fees for carry on bags. they won't follow the lead of spirit airlines which plans to charge up to $45 to put a bag if an overhead bin. >>> and at the movies
's driver. >>> less than a week after a rare do not buy warning from consumer reports, toyota will recall nearly 10,000 lexus suvs. last week we told you about the gs 460. it found rollover dangers in the safety test. toyota owns lexus. it will recall 9400 of the suvs which went on sale in december. the announce came the same day toyota said it would pay a $60 million fine to the government for its slow response to those gas pedal problems. >> even though they are not saying they did anything wrong, paying $16.4 million, the largest fine assessed by the united states department of transportation speaks loud and clear. >> reporter: the government accused toyota of hiding problems with the gas problems and waiting four months to assure recalls. >>> it is time for "living $mart" report and jessica doyle is off saving you money on shopping. music to my ears. >> for so many of us it is really a national past time and one local retail aficionado considers shopping her sport. so we caught up with her to get her insider secret to affordable style. she says just join the club. >> i shop everywhere
's interesting. >>> toyota is now recalling cars because of a deceleration problem. jennifer westhoven, good morning. this is the toyota sequoyah suv. you come to a stop sign, and you go to hit the gas, and the acceleration is not catching. this is for the 2003 models. if you have one, contact your toyota dealer for repairs. >>> let's check your family finances two new resources. the new york stock exchange has a site called money sense for advice for saving for retirement, taking out a loan, creating a household budget. maybe if you don't have a 401(k), you may feel i don't know where to go on the web to learn these things. here's something for when you want to teach your kids financial lessons. they are making a e ing ing a cd warren buffett secret millionaires club. he has simple lessons kids could learn. he says things like derivatives are weapons of mass destruction. >> he's classic for the one lines. >> they there will be 26 episodes that will be online to help kids form good money habits. back to you. >> kids of all ages. we can all tune in. >>> the other woman in the john edwards sca
to about 10%. >>> u.s. safety officials are saying just so you know, they could have fined toyota more than $13 billion. meaning that's how much the fine could have been if there hadn't been a cap on that. the law does cap the fines of 16 million, you may remember that federal officials, the nhtsa, did fine toyota $16 million. a lot less, $16 billion, though, they're saying is what it could have been. now the agency is also saying it's considering a second fine because, according to it, it says there were two separate defects in gas pedals. toyota says it has taken steps to improve communication so it wouldn't be on the hook for that fine, susan. basically what they said was, they found out about it. they're supposed to tell the government five days. they waited two months is what the government says happened. >> all righty. jen, thank you for that. appreciate it. >>> if you've done it lately, you know moving can be a pain, a chore. but it can be even more daunting for older folks. stephanie elam tells us about a company that takes the heavy lifting out of the process in this "small busines
are calling her major fashion don't. not carrie! >>> plus, toyota has decided whether it wants to fight a $16 million fine for the sticky gas pedal problem. when i grow up, i want to fix up old houses. i'm going to work with kids. i want to run a marathon. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're never done growing. i want to take him on his first flight. [ female announcer ] discover the best of what's next at here's what we can do with 4g from sprint. using the overdrive 4g mobile hotspot, jimmy's playing some video game online, jenny's video-chatting with a friend, and i'm downloading a huge presentation. and while that's happening, we'll enjoy some family time. [ computer beeps ] that was good. what can you do with 4g? [ male announcer ] experience 4g from sprint. it's more than a wireless network. deaf, hard-of-hearing and people with speech disabilities, it's a wireless revolution. access >>> our military folks watching, today's salute is for an entire family, actually. it is from bruce and vivian kimball to their four children in the air force. two
not to buy that suv until the vehicle is fixed. toyota is concerned with the report and its engineers conduct similar tests. it promises to duplicate the consumer reports test to determine if appropriate steps need to be taken. couldn't come at a worst time for toyota. >> not from the company making the announcement itself but kind of the worst thing that could happen to them. surprised they didn't preempt the announcement come out with something ahead of time. >> one of the issues is the chassis, in fac, most of the automobile this year changed and that may be one of the problems for toyota. the lexus this one is quite different than previous lexus models and, as a result of that, that could be a big problem. supposedly need fixed. >> we will run our own tests and want to see this. >> they think it is an easy fix. >>> you see all those commercials they run 24/7 on cnbc. you remember the hot ipo a year ago. >> so has the success of that ipo translate under to long-term profts for rosetta stone? we'll talk to the ceo on the other side of the break. >>> how do you say business in swahili. roset
this morning, consumer reports are out with a shocking new warning on toyota lexus. you'll want to hear this. so still around. kevin ferry has the story from the futures pits. stay right here. >>> welcome back, wieveryone. it's being reported that toyota's lexus gx 460 suv is a safety risk. consumer reports says they're urging consumers not to buy this suv until rollover risks have been resolved. you to toy is responding that it's concerned with the reports and that its engineers condition duct similar tests. it promises to try and duply indicate the tests to see if steps should be taken. >> you didn't say anything about accelerators sticking, did you? >> no. this is a completely different problem. >> do they typically buy a car? >> no. it's a rare thing. there have been other suvs that have had problems. >> rollover risks? >> yes. >> that's what people worry about. >> they're so top heavy. anyway, we'll have more from phil coming up at the top of the hour. right now, let's talk about the trading day ahead. kevin ferry is standing by at the cme group. kevin, we've pushed above 11,000, just b
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iyad allawi. toyota will pay the u.s. government a record fine of $16.4 million for safety violations. the transportation department accused the automaker of failing to report accelerator problems in a timely manner. toyota denied any wrongdoing, but said it wanted to avoid a "protracted dispute." also today, the company recalled the 2010 lexus gx 460 after "consumer reports" warned it's prone to rolling over. for the record, toyota is an underwriter of the newshour. on wall street today, blue-chip stocks made up some of the ground they lost on friday. the dow jones industrial average gained 73 points to close at 11,092. but the nasdaq fell 1 point to close at 2480. the russian government served notice today that a freeze on u.s. adoptions will stay in force until a new agreement is in place. talks were to begin today, but the ash cloud over europe prevented the u.s. delegation from getting to moscow. the russians imposed a freeze last week after a tennessee woman sent her adopted son back to russia by himself. those are some of the day's main stories. i'll be back at the end of the p
.com/shep. another recall for toyota today. the automaker announcing it will bring in nearly 10,000 suvs to repair a problem that could cause rollovers. last week the magazine "consumer reports" gave a rare don't buy rating to the new lexus gx 460. toyota owns the lexus brand. also today toyota agreed to pay a fine of $16 million for failing to tell the u.s. government about problems with accelerator pedals. according to the associated press, that's the largest fine any automaker has ever paid to the government. the company released a statement denying that it broke any laws. president obama is headed here to new york city to make his case for wall street reform. democrats say it will protect americans from financial shenanigans. but republicans claim it will guarantee more taxpayer bailouts. we are live at the white house to separate. remember that miracle at the mines in china? 115 or so people rescued after eight days? the question now is was it really a rescue? notice anything particular about that picture in the cube? look at the man who is supposedly been in the mine for eight days. guess he
story when we come back. [ male announcer ] at toyota, we're committed to providing our customers with safe, reliable cars. that's why we're currently spending over a million dollars an hour to enhance the technology and safety of our vehicles. and we've also made our comprehensive star safety system standard on every vehicle we make. ♪ at toyota, your safety will continue to be a top priority in any and all of our decisions. ♪ >> new clashes today in the middle east and some questions if they have the potential to side track the push for peace talks. this is the special u.s.-mideast envoy prepares for a return to the region next week. and meanwhile palestinian president abbas has accepted an invitation to head to the white house. let's head back to the protests, police protecting the israeli protesters as they march through the streets and filled with angry palestinians. rina ninen was in the middle of all of this. she has more from jerusalem. >> hi, harris, the protest haves been expected for weeks. right wing demonstrators took to the streets, provoking palestinians for bu
. tomorrow -- five weeks. tomorrow will see the key march employment numbers come out, and toyota sales are booming in japan, up 50% last month. ford sales in china and local partners there, they jumped about 84% in the first quarter. let's get to eric bolling from fbn. what's going on here? >> well, initial claims which is the weekly number, they dropped 6,000 so that means 6,000 fewer people than the last week applied for unemployment insurance. that's the good news. a little bit more good news, tomorrow it looks like most analysts and most economists expect jobs to be created for the month of march. that's only the second time a month had job creation and last time was a year ago march, 64,000 jobs were created, and we've seen just month after month of job losses. so tomorrow the expectation is anywhere between 175,000 jobs created and 200,000 jobs created. the other piece of good news. now a little bit of the bad news, a lot of that job creation tomorrow ising with attributed -- being attributed to two major factors. number one, the census. the census has hired hundreds and hundreds
and style... presenting the new toyota avalon. for a ride that's jet-smooth! it's got reclining rear seats! and such a quiet cabin! ♪ bluetooth wireless audio makes every trip a delight! ♪ the new toyota avalon... comfort is back. ♪ as the towel used to dry them. so why use the same hand towen over and over, instead of a clean, fresh one every time? new kleenex® brand hand towels. a clean, fresh towel every time. >> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> it is 7:22 on this friday, april 23. good morning and i am pamela brown with your local update. we begin with a check on traffic. >>> it is a good day. along 270, 66, i 70, 15 out of frederick we have a crash. somebody overturned but you can get by. i will take you on a tour and we want to look at traffic on the dulles toll road and the dulles greenway. it is good on 28. newschopper7 is flying over traffic and the dulles toll road which looks great. i love our neighbors are on 95 for virginia and headlights are on the northbound side. metro rail is a normal serviceis >>> a great day today and right now it is 57 degrees in
. well, coming here on "the daily rundown," toyota hits the brakes on the lexus sub. and arizona makes a landmark decision on illegal immigration. plus, in today's decision "2010" is, a conservative outsider about to spoil bill mccollom's race for governor in florida? but first, otr. let's add yet another acronym to our lexicon, chuck. there's kind of a debate amongst those of us that cover the white house about what otr stands for. >> is it off the record or on the run? whatever it stands for, here's what it is. an unannounced stop that the president makes or sometimes the first lady, not on the official schedule. commonly in this white house, it can be to a burger joint. here's the president on an otr at ray's burger. very smart choice for an otr in arlington, virginia. maybe if i do this plug, it will get me a free burger at some point there. they have this incredible pate burger. this is "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. >> it looks really good. >> it is so bad for you but so good. we know why we're here. to chart a greener path in the air... and in our factories. to find cleaner,
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money. i was fascinated to see this associated press poll, it was taken back in march when toyota was sort of at the height of what was happening to it. people were asked if they favor u.s. vehicles or asian vehicles. 46% of people favored asian people in 2006. look at how those numbered changed in march, 38% favor american vehicles, 33% favor asian vehicles. it's a rise of nine points for american vehicles but a drop of 13 for asian vehicles. is that a reflection of toyota's woes or are people coming back around? >> that is a remarkable finding. a year ago nobody could have predicted it would show results like that. toyota is bringing down some of the other japanese brands a little bit. it is bringing down honda and nissan a little bit. the other thing going on, the american cars are getting better. >> let's look at some of those. the ford fusion, the 2010 motor trend car of the year. >> this is a great car. this is the type of cars they neglected for a long time. a mainstream family car, they forgot about in favor of suvs. it is a terrific car. >> the mustang? >> we have muscle
consumption to avoid the disease. >>> federal regulators are considering a second fine against toyota for failing to notify the government about defective accelerators in a timely manner. they say because the accelerator pedals involved in the recall exhibited two separate defects, two separate remedies may be necessary. toyota has already been fined a record $16.4 million. >>> a senator charles schumer's taking aim at airlines charging a fee for carry-on luggage calling the idea a slap in the face to travelers. the new york lawmaker is asking the treasury department to rule that carry-ons are a travel necessity which would make them exempt from extra fees. schumer says if the treasury department fails to act, he plans to introduce legislation. he thinks people have to take their medicine, that sort of thing, it's sort of crucial they're allowed to take big carry-ons. >> it could set a precedent if this goes forward. >> people are going to start shoving stuff under the seat now, it will be a mess. >>> here's your monday forecast. another stormy day out west. heavy rain from l.a. to sa
numbers today. analysts betting most companies will post gains. we heard from toyota at new york's auto show. a top executive said incentives pushed sales 40% higher in march. >>> amazon bracing for the ipad. the retailers struck new e book pricing deals with two major publish is days before apple's launch of the new tablet computer expected to take business away from kindle. dema apple already made similar deals. home buyer tax credit expires at the end of april sparked a rush in mortgage applications last week. industry reports says home loan applications rose 7%. largest number of applications since october 2009. and this is census day the government hopes you will return the forms. there are scam artists sending out fony forms to try to steal your personal information. the paper work will never ask for your social security number, bank account information or signature. if you think you are scammed contact your bank credit bureaus and local authorities. everybody could be a scam. you have to be careful. >>> just ahead on the morning news f
toyota in the showroom. >>> and at the bottom of the hour, rand paul, son of republican congressman ron paul, he's running for u.s. senate in kentucky. he's also a doctor. he'll tell us why he rejects obama care. first, todd santos with a check of the weather. >> hello there, mika. good morning, guys. looks like a much better morning across the east coast, especially the northeast where the last few days we've been talking about the flooding, which is still ongoing. many rivers still, again, well out of their banks, especially the patuxet river in rhode island. at least this morning looking at cool temperatures giving way to clear skies in and around the new york city area. a few thin clouds heading for sunshine this afternoon. a pretty nice picture. d.c. making a run at the 8 80-degree mark. this afternoon, beautiful all the way down to central and southern florida. we'll be back with more. you're watching "morning joe" brewed by star bucks. ♪ [ male announcer ] the cadillac laurel sales event. featuring the all-new srx. ♪ with available glide-up navigation. and ultraview sunroof.
vanished walk to go school. he's expected to serve life in prison. >>> toyota is recalling another vehicle, this time it is the sienna minivan because of rusty spare tire holders. the latest recall covers 600,000 siennas with two wheel drive from model years 1998 to 2010. toyota says rust from road salt can cause the cable that holds the spare tire to break, allowing the tire to fall off. >>> it's about 14 after the hour. here is lonnie quinn this morning with a first check of the weather. good morning, lonnie. >> now, betty, if memory serves me correctly, you're a texan girl. >> that's right. >> the reason i'm talking about texas that's write shere i see toughest weather. this low pressure system is perfectly positioned to pull in all kinds of gulf moisture. so we're talking a lot of rain there. and we're talking about maybe two to four inches and flash flood watches in effect. now, elsewhere, we have a low pressure system for the northeast. what does that mean for you? scattered showers kind of off again, on again. not as pretty as last weekend. but also the whole weekend is not a washou
, toyota has been proud to be a model of quality car making. but recently, the safety of our cars and trucks has come under question. and at toyota, is is something we don't take lightly. that's why we're maki fundamental changes inside our company, to communicate with customers better, and respond to their needs faster. addition, we're currently spending over a million dollars an hour to enhance the technology and safety of our vehicles. the result? our comprehensive star safety system is now standard on every vehicle we make. ♪ don get us wrong, we know actions speak louder than commercials. but just know, your safety will contito be a top priority in any, and all of our decisions. ♪ martha: well, it's about to get going, folks, debate about to get underway on capitol hill for these new financial regulation we have been hearing so much about, the senate after shooting it down twice this week, yesterday, agreed, naniously, they are going to stop a filibuster of the bill. but, now they say the devil is in the details, and you need to know, what is in there, folks, jim angle is
're saying don't buy this car. needless to say, again, tough news for toyota whose reputation has been damaged by all of these recalls. i should mention this lexus not a part of the recall that we've been talking about over the last few months. but toyota did have this to say about the consumer report announcement today, lexus saying, quote, we're concerned with the results of consumer report's testing on the lexus gx-460 and they're suggested buyer recommendations. >> we should mention this car is the 2010 version of this lexus gx 460. it only went on sale in this november. only about 5,000 have been sold, and in real life circumstances there have been no actual reports, that we know of, of any deaths or injury because of what consumer reports is describing. jane: wow. jenna, thanks very much. jon: president obama getting down to business at the nuclear security summit that he called in washington. the president warning world leaders this morning the risk of a nuclear terror attack has gone up. take a listen. >> just the smallest amount of plutonium, about the size of an apple, could
and will not be charged. lisa stark, abc news, washington. >>> an internal e-mail from a top toyota executive iraising new questions about the company's handling of those safety problems. in the e-mail obtained by the associated press the executive tells company officials, "we are not protecting our customers by keeping this quiet." he also stated "the time to hide this one is over," and "we need to come clean." toyota ended up recalling more than 6 million vehicles in the u.s. >>> they're picking up the pieces in parts of the south after severe weather tore through there. the storm hit particularly hard in anderson county, south carolina, where 15 homes were damaged and dozens of trees came do. at leastne tornado with winds of 125 miles an hour touched down in the area. about 3,000 homes lost power but there were no serious injuries. >>> here is a look at the friday forecast. the day will start off wet from north carolina to new york. that rain will linger through the afternoon in new england. it will also be rainy in southern florida and south texas. seattle could also see a few showers. >> much cooler
this morning that toyota executives knew all about the accelerator problems with their vehicles and did nothing. it's an e-mail sent by a now retired toyota vice president before the big recall in january quoting now, we need to come clean, the time to hide on this one is over. we're not protecting our customers by keeping this quiet. of course we'll continue to follow that story for you. but now let's check out the weather this morning with dave price. boy, it was beautiful in many parts yesterday. some record breakers, too. >> did you barbeque? >> no, i didn't get to barbeque yesterday. >> anyone bring out the barbeque? because you could have. it was amazing. yesterday 90 degrees plus the first time -- actually the earliest it's been 90 degrees in new york city since we've been keeping records. you shattered records in places like washington, baltimore, philadelphia, new york city, hartford, even up to boston, what a great day it was to see a ball game. things will be changing today. remember that cold front that was bringing the threat of violent weather yesterday to portions of the tennesse
, disney, pepsi, and what stunned me, toyota. >> i don't understand that. >> the toyota one i don't understand 'cause my daughter is very intelligent, but doesn't recognize toyota at all. i don't know where at that came from. >> i don't know that either, but this is from-- by the way the university of madison and university of michigan, researchers got together and tested three year olds to see about their brand awareness and it's interesting because they say it's not all-- it would worry us, oh, no, our children have been invaded by big corporations and able to identify brands and gotten a hold of their brains and brain washing them. the researchers have a different take and think it's good news somehow? >> it does happen earlier than three, my two-year-old was never going to mcdonald's, but every time we'd drive by the arches he says in the back seat, mcdonald's, i don't know why, he'd never been there. my four-year-old walked through the mall and said hey, let's go to barnes & noble. how did you know it was barnes & noble? it was the logo. >> i'm down the street on a road trip
some of the shift can be attributed to high-profile quality problem was toyota cars and trucks. but american manufacturers say that the bottom line is that they are producing a much better product now. >> our new vision for general motors is simple and it is direct. design, build, and sell the world's best vehicles. >> reporter: jewely and her husband have been in the market for a new american-made car. say the u.s. dealers play finally learned a valuable lesson. >> i don't think that the competition with the foreign cars has hurt them in any way. it made them want to be better. and i think that they are trying to do that. >> reporter: an effort that seems to be paying off. jay gray, nbc news, richardson, texas. >> analysts say g.m. has also revamped its image by adding more fuel efficient and crossover vehicles to its lineup of cars. >>> the ceo of spirit airlines is saying the company's controversial new baggage fee is actual lay good thing for customers. this was spirit's ceo, ben baldanza. this morning, he defended the fee on the "today" show and said the airline's lower fa
culture today from a catholic church more concerned with protecting priests than children, toyota more concerned with protecting profits than drivers. you have michael steele at the rnc spending like a drunken sailor. you've got a congress where people feel like they are more interested in holding onto power than taking a tough vote. i think that's what's really going on with the tea party movement. i think for all incumbents there's a real message to pay attention to. >> it's interesting. they went from 0 to 60 in a very shored period of time. when you have an established party, you look at other third parts out there, libertarians, who espouse the same general principles as the tea party does, why are you seeing the tea party be influential in moving people. >> this is something really, truly a grassroots effort. there is no one leader. harry reid wants to put sarah palin out there. i guess if you had to put one leader out there, she would be the obvious one but there is no one leader. the usa gallup poll, only 49 are republicans, 43 are independents and the rest presumably are democ
. >> toyota could get hit with another major fine. an investigation found two step or defect recalled pedals. the problem for toyota the first recall addressed only one of the problems. toyota has been fined more than 14 million dollars . an estimated u.s. kids have adhd . probably half will grow it more and more parents have it. less than a quarter of adults about it. our doctor is here to talk about the stories. >> thank you. >> what going on here. adults overdiagnosed with adhd, is there a rise in this in >> i don't think there is a rise but the concern that children end up becoming adults with adhd . there is a lot of symptoms that come with this. they have restlessness. patience and sounds like my co-host dave brik . a lot of people can say that about themselves. propensity to say you have adhd. >> you can . that is a concern. a let of times over diagnosed and overtreated. there is a spectrum of personality. they are mild and you would never know and they are successful professionals out there who may have symptoms of adhd . sometimes they could be powerless with this to the point they
know. it's the volkswagen polo, so who it beat or what it beat is the toyota prius, the mercedes e class and winner for world performance car, so that's probably performance car, it's the audi rv-10. that's probably if you were on a racetrack or really into feeling not necessarily the value. best green car, volkswagen's passat and the polo. i'll try to get more on exactly what they're looking for there. >>> you probably know if you go to a drive-through, you can get a big mac, a coffee, you can get a beer if you're so inclined. what about driving up to a walmart and getting a coffee pot or power tools. some big-name retailers are trying out drive-throughs because they tried it in things like the brew through in north carolina. let me tell you, that had robin giggling this morning. pictures like that. but now there are stores like sears and walmart that are testing out the idea. that's in this morning's "chicago tribune" and that's because they're trying to make it easy on you so if you want to pull up and order your vacuum, maybe you don't want to go in the store and look at all of
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